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Cars & cones

Wed., August 10th, 6:30, at Creamland, 6221 W Ridge Rd Erie, PA 16506

Join us for an ice cream treat.


Drag Races in Corry

Sun., August. 21st. Meet at the Country Fair in McKean, 9030 Main Street.  Depart at 12:00 p.m.

This info from Scott & Bobbie Brown:

A 1 hour ramble through the countryside to the Corry Lawrence Airport. Bring a chair and a picnic or enjoy an excellent local food truck. This a fund raiser for the airport, so a $10 admission is charged. If you want to go for it, unlimited runs down the 1000 foot strip can be had for $25. This is a unique low key family event that more resembles a car show and lawn party (with an almost American Graffiti like vibe) than a "drag race". We will leave the airport around 3:00 to 3:30 and find ice cream before heading back.

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​Short drive

Recent event:

This review from Diane Starr:

NY trip

On July 18, 2022 our Miata family once again headed out for an adventure. This time our destinations was Ogdensburg NY and Watkins Glen. Prior to leaving the weather called for some rain. Our first stop was Magee's Diner in Waterloo. (no not the site of the famous battle). We were seated quickly and enjoyed great food. We did encounter some rain but that was nothing we couldn't handle, no it was the scorching heat that was coming our way later that we all complained about.

We arrived at the Inn at Granview and I doubt any of us would say they were disappointed at Tim's selection for a hotel. It was amazing!! The view of the St Lawrence River was incredible, but not as incredible as being able to just lean over a balcony and chat with our dear friends. We did see some freighters, a deer and some reported a bear somewhere (not sure on that sighting). Dinner was at Smuggler's Café, again a great time. Shout out to Sue Jones for her toast. . . .There are tall ships and small ships and ships that sail the seas, but the best ship is friendship for you and me. So well said!

Tuesday we went on Uncle Sam's cruise boat in Alexandria Bay. Tim generously shared his ginger with us and I must say, it helped to alleviate any sea sickness. The captain not only took us around the Thousand Island region, but also was our tour guide. Quite a multi-talented man and quite informative. All of us decided if our “ship came in” we would buy one of the islands and build a mega mansion like some of the ones we had the pleasure to see. We voted to just move Boldt Castle to the next day and enjoyed an early dinner at Riley's at the River. During dinner we gave our trip planner a gift to show our appreciation, something from his past – a yodeling pickle. Yes you heard it right, a yodeling pickle. Not everyone can say they have one! The evening brought us back to “the range” for an evening of laughter and cornhole. Before that commenced Herm wanted to test out his drone with Dave being his test subject. Apparently the experiment was to show how close the drone could get to a human body without decapitation occurring (not sure Dave knew about that). The experiment did not go well for Dave. Yes he still has his head, but use of his hand, hmmm not sure. Luckily for Dave one of us posted the video on TikTok, it now has over a million views and there are a number of lawyers wanting Dave to call them.

Wednesday we headed to Boldt Castle. Absolutely amazing place. The grounds were also breathtaking, but it was extremely hot out (no such thing as climate change some say). Dinner was held at the hotel. Great choice. Food was excellent. To burn off some calories afterwards we headed back to the cornhole boards. Little did we know that Dave and Deb were “quite experienced” at the game. Boom Boom not so much as well as some of the rest of us! We laughed the night away, enjoying spending time with our Miata Family.

Thursday found us on the road again heading to Watkin's Glen. Shout out to Roger and Nancy for arranging. We chased the rain showers away only to be welcomed by oppressive heat. No wonder some of the air conditioners in our rooms had stopped working! All the “smart” people went into town looking for ice cream. Tim and Boom Boom decided on hiking the glen. They did survive the hike. We loved hearing about it and secretly were all thankful we didn't go. We did Jerlando's Ristorante in Watkins Glen for a wonderful Italian dinner. While at dinner Dave and Deb shared yet another wonderful toast. . . There are dumb asses and smart asses and asses that fill the seats. Miata drivers are bad asses and that's how it should be. Again so well said, shout out to Dave and Deb.

Friday we all packed up, and headed back home with so many happy memories of times shared with our friends. Until next trip, stay safe, happy and well my BAD ASS MIATA FRIENDS!


Signing off – Bad Ass Starr!!

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Combine Brothers

Sun., September. 4th. Meet at the Country Fair in McKean, 9030 Main Street.  Depart at 1:30 p.m.

This info from Herm & Jan Stork:

Our 6th annual end of summer drive to Combine Brother’s for an early dinner. We plan to be at Combine around 3:00 p.m. for dinner around 3:30 p.m.

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Medium drive



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