Did You Know...


We now have a store open where you may purchase embroidered apparel and other items with our club logo. Click HERE to visit the store.  The club does not receive any profit from the sale of products; we just provided them with our logo. You are dealing directly with Queensboro.  


Club name tags are available from Roger Latimer.  If you haven't ordered one yet, click HERE to place your order.  The cost is $4.50 per name tag.  The name tags are very nice quality and use a magnet to attach to your clothing – no pin holes.













Thanks to Jim West and Jan Stork, we have a magnetic PIMC logo available for your car.  They would be used on your car during club events.  They are 4" x 6" and are now on SALE for only $5.00 each. They will be available at most club events or you may click HERE to order a pair.


If you are a member and have not had your picture taken for our "Members" page, please contact Herm and make arrangements to get one taken at one of our drives. Or, send him a photo that you have taken with your car. If you have a photo on the "Members" page, but have changed cars and would like a new photo, click HERE.


We are looking for your car to be featured on the web site "Home" page.  Send in a photo of your Miata that was taken at Presque Isle. Feature the Miata without any people in the shot.  Make sure it is a high resolution image. Try to show water or the beach in the background. Click HERE to send your info. Submit it and our web site committee will review it. A shot during the winter months would be great!

New members…

The time posted for a drive is the departure time.  Please arrive 20-30 minutes early with a full tank of gas.


We use FRS radios on drives to keep in touch. Radios are set to channel 12. You may purchase a pair anywhere (Wal-Mart, Amazon, etc.) Here is a link to B&H (a good on line retailer). 


All participants are required to sign the “Waiver” form. There will be a brief driver’s meeting prior to the drive. Try to keep the car behind you in sight. This will keep the group together. Don’t speed, don’t tailgate and no passing.


If we do get separated, we usually stop at some point to re-group. If you need to make a “pit stop” use your radio and we will stop. If you don’t have a radio just flash your lights.


Sometimes we have “Flash” Drives. These are short notice events. For example…you are going to take a drive to Hank’s and would like some company; post it in the "Member Forum" with a meeting day, location and time along with any other needed details. Your Flash Drive will then be posted to the "Events" page and sent out via email.  Flash drives do not require members to sign up...just show up and go!


Planning a drive…

Check the web site “Events” page for an open date.


Lay out your route beforehand and drive it.  You may find some bad roads (no dirt roads ever PLEASE) that should be avoided. This gives you a chance to change your route.


Schedule adequate restroom breaks – every 1-2 hours.


Be sure to allow extra time; a caravan will always take more time.


Allow for a gathering place to re-group the cars after going through areas where the group will probably get broken up.


Plan a starting point with ample parking, restrooms and gas nearby.


Make arrangements for larger meals ahead of time. Let the restaurant know how many to expect and what time. 


Post it in the "Member Forum" with a meeting day, location and time along with any other needed details. Your drive will then be posted to the "Events" page and sent out via email.  Consider a rain date.


On the day of the drive print out the “Waiver” form from the web site “Events” page. Make sure everyone participating signs it.


Have a driver’s meeting and give the details of your drive. Remind everyone to use their radios if they see a road hazard or speed trap. 


Choose a member to be at the end of the line. That person must have a radio and should let the leader know the status of the group (ex: everyone is through the red light, everyone made the turn, two cars caught the red light, etc.).


Have FUN!

Click HERE for Technical Tips by experts and enthusiasts to learn more and get the most out of your Mazda/MX-5. 


NC owners (2006-2015) are you tired of hot air coming out of your vents during the summer?  DYK that if you press the recirculate (center button) switch, it will block the hot air from entering the cabin? This may work on all Miatas.  

DYK, if you have a plastic rear window, when you put your top down you can put one of those swimming noodles in it to keep the wrinkles out .  Buy them at Walmart (the smallest diameter) for $2 and cut it to fit. Thanks to Fran & Dave Seipp for this tip.


NC owners, DYK that you can add a variable intermittent wiper switch to your car?  Here is the link: Click HERE


NC owners, DYK that you can add a louder horn to your car and it's easy to install?   Here is the link: Click HERE


NC owners, DYK that you should clean out your drains so your trunk doesn't get wet...DYK you had drains? Here is the link: Click HERE


DYK that if you need any help with doing a mod on your car, all you have to do is ask?


NC owners, DYK that you can gain 3-4 inches of extra leg room for your passenger - here is the link: Click HERE   Thanks to Nick & Paula Pompadelaquisio for this tip.


DYK that if your wiper blades "chatter" it may be an easy fix?   Click HERE


DYK that there is a "flasher" available for your third brake light and it's easy to install?  Click HERE


DYK that if you need any plastic clips or fasteners there is a cheap on-line store?  Click HERE


DYK that Jan is available to read the instructions and solve all of your installation problems?